New coaching staff ramps up football requirements

by | April 8, 2013 | in Football | No Comments

Football coach Scott Coats works on improving the program by instilling players in a strength and conditioning program as well as other expectations in preparation for the season.

Co-Athletic Director Jeff Peters said that coach Coats has raised the expectations in order to build a wining program here at Piedmont.

Peters also said players who are not participating in a winter or spring sport, are asked to lift weights with coach Coats and his assistants after school in the Witter weight room.

“Off season conditioning is a very important part of building a perennial winning program,” Peters said.

Coats said players will go away to a full contact football camp which a high percentage of football programs throughout California attend as well called Strength and Honor Program.

“These are expectations over the summer to prepare athletes for what is a tough sport,” Coats said, “you need to be physically prepared to play football or else you end up being injured and not very successful.”

Coats said the purpose of the program is to promote student athletes to excel in the classroom, the community, and on the football field.

“It is an incentive based program that helps student athletes accomplish those goals,” Coats said.

Peters said the summer program will teach the players the new offense and defense that coach Coats and his staff will install.

“Just as off season conditioning and weight lifting is important, so to are summer camps so the athletes can learn the new system and build camaraderie with their teammates,” Peters said.

Junior Jason Duecker said the expectations are a really big time commitment.

“You have to fulfill a certain amount of points that includes playing other sports, going to the workouts, raising money, and community service in order to play,” Duecker said.

Coats said the point system comes from the Strength and Honor Program that promotes community service, academic accomplishments, and commitment to the football program.

“It helps build well rounded athletes that are prepared to work for each other,” Coats said.

Junior Spencer Kim said he thinks the program will improve players overall dedication to football.

“Part of Coats expectations is that players attend summer workouts and be totally committed to football,” Kim said.

Kim said the program and other expectations are implemented this year because there is an entirely new coaching staff.