Piedmont honors Ambassador Stevens

by | September 10, 2013 | in News | No Comments

photo(3)The Board of Education will vote Wednesday night to name the library “Ambassador Christopher Stevens Memorial Library” in honor of Ambassador and alumni Chris Stevens who was killed in Libya September 11, 2012. This is one of four community actions to commemorate Stevens’ achievements and contributions to the community.

In addition to the naming, Ambassador Stevens will be remembered during halftime with a moment of silence at the home football game on Friday, following an introduction by principal Brent Daniels. Sophomore Alexandra Shoptaugh will then perform Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.

“It’s an opportunity to pause and reflect on [Steven’s] contributions to the community as an alumni,” vice principal Anne Dolid said.

On Constitution Day, September 17, ASB will present a poster during lunch offering students a chance to write down what they will do to better the community.

Sophomore Maryse Suppiger and freshman Alisha Lewis are coordinating the ASB remembrance activities.

“It’s important to give students a chance to see what someone can do for their community,” Lewis said. “Hopefully students will be inspired to help serve the community.”

ASB will also hand out Chris Stevens remembrance bracelets on Constitution Day.

“He’s a good role model for the student body, and having a bracelet to remember him also is a good bonding experience for people to come together,” Suppiger said.

Social studies classes of all grades will look in depth at Stevens’ contributions. Teachers will read the ambassador’s biography and hold discussions examining what Stevens’ work meant to global and local communities.

“It is always important to recognize contributions of community members in a school setting so there is context to touch close to home,” Dolid said.