Signing Off

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Dear Readers,

AS WE HAND IN THE REINS OF LEADERSHIP TO the new editorial board, we’d like to share our gratitude.

If you’ve made it to this bottom right-hand corner of page 12, thank you for your time and attention. We hope we have shed light on at least a few issues that matter to you.

We’ve strived to tell the stories accurately. Our content is not sensationalized, and in today’s media landscape, our articles sometimes seem less interesting in comparison. Thank you for reading what we hope is the balanced truth.

We thank those of you who have shared a piece of your story with us. If we are doing our job, these are your stories, not ours. Earlier this year, New York Times journalist Matt Richtel told that empathy is the most important part of journalism. Through our interviews, we’ve strived to see the world through your eyes.

When we interview, we hear more meaningful content than can fit into a 16-page newspaper, and we thank you for the thoughts you shared with us that were never printed. Those unwritten words were often crucial to our understanding of our articles.

We wish that we could have covered every student in the school. For those of you who were never named, we hope that we at least presented a thought you had or an emotion you experienced — or addressed a curiosity of yours, or perhaps even sparked questions you began to explore.

Through our brainstorming sessions and interviews, we’ve learned that contrary to common stereotypes, there is vast variety in beliefs, talents and interests among PHS students. We hope that we have showcased at least some of this diversity.

Without getting into the technicalities, we’d also like to mention our appreciation for the rights of student journalists in California. Due to the California Student Free Expression Law, we are allowed to choose our topics and report the truth without prior review by school officials or fear of discipline.

Our last big shout-out is to everyone who has contributed photos and graphics to our newspaper, especially our graphics artists. Thank you for donating your time and creativity in giving visual beauty and color to our words.

As student journalists, this has been a learning process for us, and sometimes we’ve made mistakes. Thank you for contacting us with your concerns and allowing us to grow.

The bottom line is that it has been a joy, and it would not have been possible without community support.


Your 2015-16 Editorial Board