PHS and MHS Senior Awards

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PHS Awards:

Valedictorian Plaque: Courtney Gao

Salutatorian Plaque: Samuel Cheng

Susan Kawaichi Plaque for promoting diversity: Courtney Gao and Grace Sanford

Gail Dryden Plaque for community service: Mitch Winters

Daughters of the American Revolution for citizenship and leadership: Reece James

League of Women Voters Civics in Action Plaque for interest in civics and politics: Pema Wilson

Eric Swart Rachesky Memorial Certificate for growing as a student: Ryan Long

Dean Faberman Plaque for mock trial: Claire Valva

ASB Plaque: Maryse Suppiger and Jennifer Hosler

Outstanding Journalist Award: Miles Kim and Emma Seevak

Outstanding Photojournalist Award: Jackie Roland

Outstanding French Student Trophy: Chloe Combes

Piedmont Certificate in French: Maggie White

Spanish for Excellence Trophy: Madison Copeland

Piedmont Certificate in Spanish: Allie Frankel

Ryan Costello Scholarship in Spanish Certificate: Maura Phillips

Outstanding Student in Mandarin Trophy: Rachel Fong

Piedmont Certificate in Mandarin: Emma Seevak

Outstanding Girl Athlete Trophy: Kaelli Thiel

Outstanding Boy Athlete Trophy: Gabe Watson

Excellence in Mathematics Plaque: Mingwei Samuel

Piedmont Certificate in Mathematics: David Monical

Science Award Plaque: Courtney Gao

Eileen Rohmer Certificate in ScienceZoe Kalbag

Computer Science Trophy: Rachel Fong

DeMolay Social Studies Trophy: Henry Rood

Piedmont Certificate in Social StudiesLizzie Bjork

English Trophy: Ryan Howzell

Piedmont Certificate in English: Sarah Stuetz

Outstanding Senior in Drama Department Award: Tyler Ellis

Outstanding Senior in Drama Director’s Plaque: Grace Sanford

Outstanding Senior in Dance Plaque: Stella Thorsen

Outstanding Leadership in Dance Award: Olivia Arrabit and Gianna Massullo

Painting and Drawing Plaque: Gabriel Crown

Studio Art Plaque: Tom Jara

Outstanding Senior Vocal Music Award: Anna Morris

Certificate of Achievement in Vocal Music: Meredith Aebi

Choral Music Award: Christopher Machle

Outstanding Senior in Orchestra Plaque: Miles Vinson

CHIME Service Award: Megan Hong

Symphonic Band Award: Sutter Kraetzer

Jazz Band Award: Christian Malaspina

Music Directors Award: Leland McCallister

Instrumental Music Award: Andrew Newcomb 

MHS Awards:

Ken Yale LeadershipNatalia Salazar

Community ServicePema Wilson

Millennium SpiritOli Bogle

Millennium SpiritMarcello Thompson

Academic AchievementCassie Fox-Mount

Academic AchievementZepora Zangwill

Personal AchievementSahara Dixon

Personal AchievementAdam Beasley

Mr K. Memorial ScholarshipOli Bogle