“The Drowsy Chaperone” comes to Piedmont

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“The Drowsy Chaperone” will be performed at the Alan Harvey Theater from Nov. 3-5 at 7:30 p.m. each night.  Forty-two students have been working on the production of this musical.

Tickets will be sold online at http://phsdrowsy.bpt.me and at the entrance to the Alan Harvey Theater on the evenings of the performances. Student tickets will be 10 dollars, adult tickets are 17 dollars and reserved seats will be 30 dollars. The musical is rated PG.

One of the things that makes “The Drowsy Chaperone”unique among other stage musicals is how it is structured.  

“The Drowsy Chaperone is different compared to most musicals just because of the idea of it, how it has a man talking about a musical and then it happening as he talks about it but [at the same time] they’re separate,” sophomore David Morris said.

Musical director Kay Sibal said that she thinks high schoolers can get something helpful out of the musical.

“I think high school … can sometimes be taken too seriously and it gives people too much …unnecessary stress… I think this [musical] can show you that even if you’re having an awful day, or…very anxious about something , there’s always the little things that can get you through the day, like the narrator in the show: He loves this music so much and that’s what keeps him going through the day,” Sibal said.

Campbell said that she can personally relate to the musical.

“[It’s] relatable… how everyone has that one thing that is really special to them that is different from other people. This show [“The Drowsy Chaperone”] is kinda random and out of the blue, but people enjoy it [and] it’s something that can give people a lot of joy.”

“If you want to have fun just come see it … I think there is something for everyone in there because … there’s a lot of different  types of comedy and characters and I think a lot of people will think it’s very funny.”


— Look for a full story on “The Drowsy Chaperone” in the upcoming issue of The Piedmont Highlander on Nov. 1