Hodgkinson designs her future around fashion

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The neutral-colored fabric dances with every step as the audience filled with famous individuals admires the outfit. From the media risers she snaps a photo and tries to capture the liveliness of the fabric in one shot. The model reaches the end of the runway, striking a pose. Click, the shutter closes again.

Senior Fifi Hodgkinson, who has been interested in fashion ever since she can remember, worked as an intern at L.A. Fashion Week on Oct. 12-16. She was presented with the opportunity by her neighbor, who she interned for.

“I was on the media risers for the runways shows,” Hodgkinson said. “I also worked as a stylist and a creative director for two photo shoots.”

Fifi’s sister, sophomore Laine Hodgkinson said that she and Fifi used to model together a lot.

“Fifi’s part in a lot of the photo shoots was doing our makeup and getting the outfits together,” Laine said.

However, at L.A. Fashion Week, Fifi’s role in the photoshoots was larger because she directed others.

“I was the youngest one there but in charge of an entire team that was older than me which was really liberating,” Fifi said.

Fifi said she was nervous that she would not have the same views as the photographers or that she would not meet their expectations.fifihodgkinson

“I learned to just go for it,” Fifi said. “It’s what I’m good at so I just had to do what I knew how to do.”

Fifi said she is interested in all facets of fashion, from modeling to doing makeup.

“I love to wear beautiful outfits and to take photos of people that stand out to me,” Fifi said. “I also like putting together cool outfits.”

Fifi expresses her interests on a daily basis through the outfits she wears and by looking at clothes in her free time.

“I’m always observing what people are wearing and [wondering] how I can make the outfit better,” Fifi said. “It’s not even something that I think about anymore.”

Senior Elise Hebert, who has been friends with Fifi since sixth grade, said that she realized Fifi’s interest in fashion from the second they met.

“How she sees the world has an artistic, fashionable way to it because she just has that right brain way of seeing things that she likes and being inspired by them,” Hebert said.

In addition to having a natural talent for fashion, Hebert said that Fifi does not care what others say or think, especially with her fashion; she just does what she knows she likes.

“Her interest has taught me that I can express myself in many ways,” Laine said.

Hebert said that Fifi’s outgoing ways of expression began well before high school.

“At the beginning of middle school, when everyone is super awkward and uncomfortable, she still never cared what everyone else said,” Hebert said. “She would go all out just because it made her happy.”

Fifi also said she has always been outgoing with her style, but less so now that she is a teenager and does not feel like she has to be noticed as much.

During the week, Fifi focuses on school work and college applications, but saves weekends for photography and fashion-related events.

“I’m doing a lot of photography with young Bay Area artists and rappers,” Fifi said. “I’m really interested in the culture and fashion around all that.”

Fifi said she never liked school but doing photography, drawing or wearing cool outfits makes her happy.

“‘What am I going to wear today and how am I going to look different and cool?’ That’s what gets me to want to go to school,” Fifi said.

In the future, Fifi hopes to attend art school in London and pursue her interest in fashion.

“I just really want to love what I do,” Fifi said. “I don’t want to be stuck at a job, I want to have freedom.”

Hebert said she thinks Fifi will succeed in any part of the fashion industry that she chooses to participate in.

“It was cool finding something that brought me a lot of joy,” Fifi said. “There’s never a right or a wrong, it’s just what you like and what you dislike.”