‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ excites audiences

by | November 4, 2016 | in Web | No Comments

The leaves shrivel and succumb to the embrace of gravity, as the color of the vast, California sky becomes even more pronounced above the rusty landscape–blue. As November rolls in, our mood sometimes mirrors that omnipresent backdrop–blue.

If you can relate to that melancholy feeling of “blue,” then leave that blue sky behind for an hour or two and step into the Alan Harvey Theater on Nov. 3-5 at 7:30 p.m. to experience “The Drowsy Chaperone,” presented by the PHS acting 3-4 class.

“The Drowsy Chaperone” centers around a lonely, middle-aged theatre enthusiast, who in an attempt to escape from reality decides to listen to the record of his favorite (fictional) play from the 1920s, “The Drowsy Chaperone.” The show comes to life on stage, as the man delivers a modern commentary on the 1920s music, actors and story. As the musical within a musical unfolds, audiences should be prepared for plenty of dry wit and humor.img_20161103_203300

“This is the first musical [the acting class] has ever put on, so the process has been different than for the other shows,” said senior Cole Bloomfield, who is in the acting class, but is not part of the musical. “There were a lot more people involved in making the show happen.”

Bloomfield said that members of the acting class auditioned for the musical during the first week of school, and began rehearsals the following week.

“It is really entertaining. I like how it is a musical within a musical,” Bloomfield said.

Similarly, audience-member, freshman Avery Kokka said that she enjoys musicals in general, and found this particular show to be especially amusing.

“It is fun to watch with friends,” freshman Avery Kokka said. “I really enjoyed the singing.”

Junior Maggie Lucas, who plays the role of Trix the Aviatrix, said that she really enjoyed the process of creating the musical because the cast was so talented and picked up the music in no time. Junior Kay Sibal, the music director of the show, helped the cast learn all of the songs, Lucas said.

“It’s really exciting,”said Lucas, breathless after the standing ovation finally ceased.  “It’s really fun to get audience feedback because you never know what the audience will enjoy.”

Lucas said that her favorite memory from rehearsals was learning the dance choreography because everyone in the cast had a blast, she said.

“It does what a musical is supposed to do: It takes you to another world and it…it gives you a little tune to carry in your head for…for…when you’re feeling blue, you know?” said the protagonist, the Man in the Chair, at the end of the play. “As we stumble along on life’s funny journey. As we stumble along into the blue.”