Spring sports plan to hit the field running

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Springtime is a time for the freshly cut grass on the baseball diamond, new running shoes on the track, and re-stringing the pockets on lacrosse sticks. Captains are preparing their teams as much as they can for the upcoming season, whether it be lifting weights or springing throughout the gym.

Athletic director Victor Acuña said that coaches are the people who coordinate with each other on when each team gets the field or the weight room.

“Because so many of our students are student athletes, pre-season training is limited because a soccer player can’t train with the lacrosse team or a basketball player can’t train with the softball team, so it’s limited, but each team gets as much time as possible,” Acuña said.

Nobody can begin real practices until the season actually starts, he said, so it becomes the choice of the team and coaches on when and where the team will train. Captain’s practices are allowed, but Acuña said he needs every captain to get his approval on what the practice will consist of so it doesn’t go against the rules of NCIF.

“Open gyms or open fields are great because it opens the sport up to anyone who wants to join in,” Acuña said.

Coaches can be adult supervisors, but cannot implement their training into the pre-season open gyms.

Track and field has already started training for the spring time season. Their winter conditioning takes place every Tuesday and Thursday in the weight room, junior Isabella Oglesby said.

“Mr. Savage leads the weight room trainings and is incredibly knowledgeable about what we need to do to better our bodies,” Jones said.

There have been no races yet for the school, but runners are encouraged by the coach to participate in the California All Comers Meets where people from all around the Bay Area come and race each other, Jones said.

Both the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams are gearing up for their seasons as well.

Senior Quinn Porter said that pick-up games and captain’s practices are every week and allow the players to get back into the rhythm that comes with the sport.

Right up the stairs from the field is the softball field. For the softball team, weight room and captain’s practices have been going on since the fall which gives as much time as possible to the player for developing their skills,  sophomore varsity softball captain Camille Creighton said.

Senior Christian Turner, one of the baseball team’s captains said that the team is shaping up well for a strong season ahead.

“We have conditioning, weight room, and running on the track twice a week,” Turner said.

Practices start in February, Turner said, and he’s excited to see how the team will develop and hopefully win games.

Though the men’s tennis team has not had any weight room training or practices so far, junior Rohan Srivastava is confident that the team will be prepared. Coach Jim Landes has been running clinics for players on both the junior varsity and varsity teams to get back on the courts, Srivastava said.

Due to the recent rainy weather, the courts have been getting soaked which makes it hard and even dangerous to play on.

“The rain has been throwing up all of these plans the team has made,” Srivastava said. “So it is important that we take advantage of dry courts and get in as much practice as we can.”

Weekly open gyms on Saturdays are a great way for the badminton team to warm up for their season in the spring. Senior and varsity captain Nicholas Lowe said that anywhere from 30-40 players show up and they can practice on any aspect of their game that they want to.

“If you want to be prepared for the season, then it’s a good idea to come and work with the team,” Lowe said.