We have finally found the break in winter break

by | February 7, 2017 | in Opinions | No Comments

While I usually have finals dwelling in the back of my mind over the two week winter break, this school year I didn’t have to worry since finals were adjusted to be several weeks earlier.

This was an exceptionally good idea for the administration to put in place. Finals are a stressful time for students, and as a student I have experienced this stress first hand. I was able to fully enjoy my winter break this year as I had nothing school-related to think about.

As a junior, this year has been  tough in terms of academics. Having finals before break eliminated all the stress that I would have felt if finals were after break, giving me time to enjoy myself with friends and family over the holiday.

Having finals earlier this year caused the start time of winter break to be pushed later into the month of December. This made break end on  Jan. 9. Break ended this year later than it had in the previous years that I have been a high schooler, which created a mindset for me that made break seem longer than it actually was.IMG_5488

Some people do prefer having finals after winter break and they might argue that since most classes do not assign work over break, it really does not matter. They may also argue that finals after break gives one more time to study, and that they felt rushed and unprepared. However, most students would rather study before break and have a real break than draw out the studying process and raise stress levels.

Although many teachers do not assign work over break, in my previous experiences many teachers gave students study guides over break. These study guides caused students to feel constant stress throughout break. This is stress that should not be a part of our winter break. While the administration decided on a rule stating that teachers were not allowed to officially assign homework over break, multiple teachers of mine let their students know that assignments were due the second class after break. Many students procrastinate with these assignments and end up having a stressful last couple days of break, or they were forced right back into a stressful environment in which they had mounds of homework the first night after break.

I think I speak for many students when I say that studying over break is not an enjoyable activity to do.

Finals before the holidays eliminates the looming and terrible thought of school during break.