Do you remember?

Do you remember?

by | October 17, 2017

Do you remember what happened two weeks ago? Sixteen days later and the prayers, charity concerts, and celebrity reactions are all over with. The temporary profile pictures on Facebook are disappearing, and the sympathetic... Read More

Keep Us Posted

by | September 19, 2017

First day of school. Backpacks stuffed with new school supplies. New shoes laced up tight. New outfits. As students, we can adjust to “new” changes as long as we are informed prior to them... Read More

It is all about community

It is all about community

by | May 23, 2017

Following the May 8 assembly that addressed discrimination at PHS and MHS, including the recent anti semitic incidents, the halls of the school filled with both in depth, productive discussion as well as backlash... Read More

Still honor the process

Still honor the process

by | May 1, 2017

Almost exactly a year ago, the former TPH editorial board wrote an editorial piece urging a cautious and thoughtful approach to the Wall of Honor proposal. Their opinion, part of a counter-argument which we... Read More

New winds to spread our wings on

New winds to spread our wings on

by | March 28, 2017

“March winds and April showers bring all the Maytime flowers.” In high schools all across the nation, these winds are admissions, the showers are the decisions made afterwards and the flowers are the final... Read More

Stay the course: editor anecdotes about the course selection process

Stay the course: editor anecdotes about the course selection process

by | February 7, 2017

“One of the most interesting and fun classes I have taken in the last four years is Acting 1. To be completely honest, I enrolled in the class just to fulfill my art requirement.... Read More

A break should be a break:

by | December 21, 2016

Vacation. The word connotes relaxation, a change from regular routines, a pause and a sigh of relief. Whether it be a half day, a full day, a week, two weeks or the months of... Read More

Role of Media

by | November 29, 2016

The New York Times. The Wall Street Journal. FiveThirtyEight. CNN. Fox News. MSNBC. The list goes on. Regardless of your political view or standpoint, media is influential, powerful and important. Media can divide a... Read More


by | November 1, 2016

Another email from Mr. Mapes. Another post on the TPH Facebook page. Another assembly. Another messed-up schedule week. In the past couple weeks we have sat through a multitude of assemblies, including the healthy... Read More


by | October 13, 2016

Another ominous email circulated this past week from the “no-replies” district email. The subject line stated, “Unauthorized Instagram Account with the School’s Initials—PHS and Logo.” As an editorial board, we fully support investigating and... Read More