Police on campus

by | November 18, 2015

Maybe it stems from action movies or maybe from major news events of the past year, but it has become all too easy to view uniformed officers as the villains. Yes, those white Stormtrooper... Read More

Get your spirit on

by | October 28, 2015

School spirit is more than wearing purple to the rally and screaming yourself hoarse at a football game. Yes, buying a shirt from the new school store is a good starting point, but true... Read More

Religious and Cultural Holidays

by | October 3, 2015

Imagine having school on Christmas: Many students would have to choose between spending the day honoring family traditions and attending school so as to avoid getting behind — a trade-off that students belonging to... Read More

One step at a time

by | September 26, 2014

This school year has been defined by the new and improved—new schedule, new Chromebooks, new PA system, new lockers, new students, new muffins.  Everything around us is being renovated and revamped—everything except the clocks.... Read More

Next year brings massive change, we propose one more

by | June 9, 2014

Breaking with the seven-day block schedule rotation that has been instituted for 18 years, next year, the high school will transfer to a five-day rotation in which all classes will be held on Monday,... Read More

Keep students informed; let us have a say in our school

by | May 13, 2014

Sports change, friends change, people change. The one constant that stays in a our lives at this age is attending high school for four years. The same lockers, the same campus, and same block... Read More

ASB can improve school spirit without breaking bank

by | April 10, 2014

Somehow organizing the principal to run around in a basketball jersey, freshmen to wear matching outfits, and the final rally basketball game, probably the most attended game of the year, ASB successfully did their... Read More

Service learning

by | March 17, 2014

The assemblies on March 7 were held to get students to start thinking of the topics their grades chose for Service Learning. English teacher and committee member Debbi Hill said that the overall goal... Read More

Dating etiquette

by | February 27, 2014

The Piedmont Highlander’s essential guide to high school dating etiquette A typical date should last two to three hours The initiator of the date should first offer to pay However, the other person should... Read More

College acceptance etiquette

by | January 31, 2014

Seniors may endure months of stress, worry, and endless deadlines as they plough through their college applications. It may be a process of sheer torture, only to be followed by more months of restless... Read More