Acceptance: we think we are further along than we are

by | December 18, 2013

It happens. Although high schools in liberal parts of America have promoted the acceptance of openly gay and transgender students, hate crimes are still inflicted on students around the country for being who they... Read More

Step out of the virtual world and into reality

by | November 19, 2013

In a world that is continuously growing more technologically advanced, it seems almost impossible to not get sucked into the cyber realm. Everyday we feel the need to connect with our peers through social... Read More

3, 2, 1 for Daniels

by | September 23, 2013

Principal Brent Daniels stood in the middle of the football field and told fans how Ambassador Christopher Stevens modeled ‘achieve the honorable” for us. If the new administration plans to use our motto for... Read More

Students should branch out and enjoy life

Students should branch out and enjoy life

by | June 10, 2013

With summer soon approaching, and plans beginning to get made, students should plan time to do something they truly enjoy, rather than scheduling things purely based on looking good for college applications. We believe... Read More

Farewell from TPH staff of 2013

Farewell from TPH staff of 2013

by | May 13, 2013

Dear readers, We hope you are enjoying the last issue edited by the Class of 2013 Editorial Board. Deemed by ourselves as the greatest Editorial Board in the history of PHS, we ask you... Read More

The reason behind TPH’s declassified school survival guide

by | January 29, 2013

The freshman, sophomore, and junior classes are in the course selection process for the 2013-14 school year, which inspired the editorial board to reflect on our underclassmen years and the unknowns that came along... Read More

Teachers should not be afraid to talk about religion

by | January 7, 2013

PHS prides itself in giving a comprehensive education to every student, but there is a missing focus on learning about religion. Understanding religion is important because it opens up room for discussion between people... Read More

Coaches should encourage respect on, off the field

by | November 14, 2012

The student athlete conferences will cover sportsmanship, a virtue that has not been emphasized since peewee soccer. These meetings will be effective for the beginning of the season, but at the high school level,... Read More

TPH shares student voice, administrative side of FSL

TPH shares student voice, administrative side of FSL

by | October 30, 2012

The TPH editorial board has spent the last week gathering information about the Fantasy Slut League from students and administrators in an effort to validate Principal Rich Kitchen’s letter sent out to the parents... Read More

Students should inform themselves on the election

by | October 29, 2012

With the election coming up, there has been a lot of discussion on Facebook and Twitter about which candidate is smarter, which candidate is a better speaker, and even which candidate has a bigger... Read More