Web Design: A Dive Into the Digital World

Reni Suhr, Staff Writer

Course credits, good teachers, and subject matter are all taken into account by students when choosing courses to enroll in for the upcoming school year. Yet as students browse the course selection in Infinite Campus, hardly any take a second look at Web Design. 

This year, there are six students enrolled in Irfan Ortak’s Web Design class. Ortak has been teaching the subject for five years at PHS along with Joy of Computing and Robotics. Ortak said students are allowed to transfer into the course mid-year for the second semester.

“The expectation is that they have some background either in programming or ideally they have taken AP CSP already,” said Ortak.

Although Ortak recommends students considering Web Design to have some previous experience in computers and coding, it is not a prerequisite.  

The PHS computers pathway is designed to allow students from AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) and AP Computer Science A (AP CSA) to implement their skills in Web Design.  Junior Chase Stoddard is currently enrolled in Web Design.

“I would 100% recommend other students to take this class,” Stoddard said. “There are some things that we learn in this class that are found in AP CSP but mostly you can go into the class with very little experience and have a great time.”

Sophomore Ryo Woltag is currently taking AP CSP.

“I would definitely consider taking the Web Design class if I knew more about it,” said Woltag. 

Like Woltag, freshman Lila Rosen also expressed interest in the Web Design course. Rosen is not currently taking any computer science classes, but plans to begin the pathway as a sophomore. 

“I am definitely going to consider Web Design as a junior or senior after I gain some experience in computers, I just want to know more about the class.” Rosen said.

Junior Spencer Barlow is another student enrolled in Web Design. Barlow said the students have creative liberty and are able to implement both code covered in class and their own individual creativity into their projects.

“It’s not stressful work,” said Ortak. “It’s more creative work.”

Students have five projects they complete throughout the year and the course does not have a final exam. Web Design students can also find real jobs, create portfolios, and build resumes during their time in class.

“[Web Design] will look good on your resume, college applications, and job applications,” said Ortak.

The curriculum for Web Design includes two certification exams. Ortak said the majority of the students pass the two certification exams in the course. He said the material tested in the exams are helpful to students who want to continue their involvement in computers and technology.  

Ortak said the lack of awareness surrounding Web Design is probably due to COVID-19. 

“We didn’t have enough chances to show this class exists,” he said. “As long as we have awareness and more students know about this opportunity and the parents know, this can be a lively class.”