PHSInterviewz Goes Viral

Elizabeth Long, Staff Writer

Twenty two million views, 3.7 million likes, and 66 thousand followers.

Piedmont seniors Stephanie Tsung, Audrey Lam, Cameron Lorin, and Krysta Tsukahara went viral for posting videos on their TikTok account @PHSinterviewz, centered around asking PHS students their opinions on others. 

These girls didn’t plan to go viral when they first started posting videos. 

“It was a trend on TikTok, and we saw it, and we were like let’s do it. And then we did, and it blew up,” Tsung said.

Although popular at Piedmont, these videos have gone viral at a larger scale, their TikTok page now having generated over 3.7 million likes. But with these new views comes millions of judging eyes.

“I’m fine with being seen by so many strangers, as long as it doesn’t get creepy,” said junior Lola Biehn, who was recently featured on PHS interviews. 

As well as being seen online, these creators are also getting noticed in public.

“When we were at a mall in San Jose, complete strangers recognized [Lam]. They were like, ‘that’s the girl from the interviews,’” Tsung said. 

Lam has also been receiving attention in the comment section of the videos when strangers share remarks about her looks.

“I think [the comments] are quite funny but also nice,” Lam said.

Students all over the world are following this trend that spread on TikTok, but PHSinterviewz added their own spin. Their videos started out just asking students who they think is the hottest person in school, and then asking the “hottest person” to rate the person who thinks they’re the hottest on a scale of one to ten.

“I felt like [rating someone] was a little rude, and not something I would prefer to do to my peers,” Biehn said. 

The questions about out rating others quickly turned into a wide variety of topics.

“I think it gets boring after a while, so we want to stay on the grind and keep switching up the questions to make sure our fan base is entertained,” Tsung said. Their videos now offer a range of questions about a multitude of topics, such as the use of tampons and other period trivia, as well as asking students to kiss-marry-kill each other. 

The videos have been receiving lots of positive feedback, but PHSinterviewz recently had to take down a video due to controversy surrounding consent to post.

“Before we post the videos we make sure [that] the students being interviewed consent and are okay with it being posted on TikTok,” Lam said.

However, junior Alex Aires was posted on the account, despite him asking them not to.

“I thought [the interview] was part of a school project, and then when I found out it was for Tik Tok I asked them to take it down,” Aires said. 

The video was eventually removed from the account, and then put up again briefly before being permanently taken down.

“It’s kind of funny, but a little annoying. I’m just glad that they took it down because I don’t want to be on Tik Tok,” Aires said.

Junior Stella Izakson who was recently featured also has mixed feelings about her interview.

“At the moment [my interview] was really negative. I felt like I was being judged on the way I acted. But looking back on it I think it’s funny,” Izakson said. 

However, sophomore Emily Williamson, who was featured twice on PHSinterviewz, finds the videos entertaining

“I think the interviews are funny and also I think that account is a fun idea as long as everyone getting interviewed is ok with it” Williamson said. 

Sophomore Will Ferreira, who is a viewer, agrees with Williamson.

“All the videos I’ve seen have been funny and all in good fun, not trying to bring anyone down,” Ferreira said.

Regardless, PHS Interviewz allows students to connect across campus, and connect with others around the world.