Editorial: Fentanyl Awareness


A negative fentanyl test strip.

TPH Editorial Board

Dear Students and Piedmont Community,

This weekend, a PHS student ingested psilocybin (“mushrooms”) off-campus and was hospitalized, according to the Piedmont Police Department. The individual’s toxicology report indicates that there was fentanyl metabolite in their blood, according to the student. They have recovered completely.

While the presence of fentanyl in mushrooms specifically is not considered common according to the CDC, it is possible for any substance to be contaminated with fentanyl. Fentanyl may be present in illegal substances because they have been intentionally cut with fentanyl, or because they have been unintentionally contaminated. A lethal dose of fentanyl fits on the tip of a pencil, according to the CDC.

If you are in possession of illegal substances, we urge you to test them for fentanyl before use, and develop a plan in case of any adverse reactions. Detailed instructions for testing and response protocol are attached.



The TPH Editorial Board

Fentanyl Resources for the Community