New Health Program at Piedmont Middle School

Macy Puckett, Staff Writer

Piedmont Middle school is condensing two years of scattered middle school language curriculum to one full year in eighth grade, in order to establish a semester-long health class for seventh graders. The change comes after complaints of the current language system being problematic, as well as calls for a more comprehensive sexual health program. 


The current health unit taught by science teachers in science classes includes surface level information about drugs and alcohol and sexual health. Numerous district members have reported that students need this health information sooner as well as highlighted the fact that numerous important health standards are not being taught in-depth or at all. In addition, science teachers report that they are not experts on the deeper, sensitive topics they are addressing, such as human trafficking. With the opportunity to have a semester long health class, the district can hire an expert and go in-depth on important issues currently crammed into a science class.


Currently, students have the option to take a semester of language in seventh grade in which they learn ⅓ of the first year language curriculum, followed by a year to learn the rest of the curriculum in eighth grade. World language classes report that with the current system, first semester language seventh graders fall behind, and teachers in 8th grade spend a lot of time revisiting curriculum. They are confident that eighth graders can learn a year’s worth of curriculum in one year with the new system. The change will not affect the AP language path in high school, which has been a concern for some parents, as students can still complete one year of a language in middle school. 


This information was brought to TPH by Assistant Superintendent, Cheryl Wozniak.