Merely A Popularity Contest

Morgan Hunt, Opinions Editor

 “SENIOR SUPERLATIVES” – the bold-lettered email subject line appears on the entire class of 2023’s chromebook screens. Seniors eagerly open the google form to answer who they think would be best for each senior superlative. For two days, all conversations among seniors are centered around who chose who for what senior superlative. 

But, unsurprisingly, few names in particular were nominated for multiple superlatives, while many were left forgotten, with no title to place on their high school experience.

The only people that even had a chance to make it on the ballot were the people that everyone knows, regardless of real talent and qualifications for a title. Certain friend groups dominated the ballot. The contest for placing a title on one’s high school experience turned into a popularity contest. The people that are all in the same friend group encourage others to vote for them, many just listening to what they have to say due to a fear of being shunned on. 

This is not to say that Senior Superlatives aren’t a good way to represent a class; there just hasn’t been an effort to make it accurate. 

Class of 2023 alumni are not going to look back at these senior superlatives and agree with them, fondly remembering that person for their title. 

Instead, they will just move on and shove these superficial titles aside since it feels like it’s just like every other social situation in Piedmont. Students are not represented for the way that they carried themselves throughout high school, and smaller groups get very little recognition in Senior Superlatives. It is disappointing to realize that it is too late for the Class of 2023 to make a change.

Class of 2024 needs to do better than we did. People who are beyond deserving of a title should be nominated. Senior superlatives are supposed  to be merit-based, reflecting people’s talents – that should be what is achieved. 

This year, it feels like titles were just slapped onto well-known faces. The yearbook class could instead contribute nominations if they think that a certain Senior should be included for a certain Senior Superlative. Additionally, Seniors should only be nominated on the ballot for one Senior Superlative.

As a student body, we need to make a better effort to represent everyone, ensuring that our class is truly represented in the best way possible. Since senior superlatives are opinion based, seniors need to make sure that they actually express their opinion, not someone else’s. 

To the next senior class, use Senior Superlatives as an opportunity to branch out of your friend group and instead truly represent your class as a whole.