PHS announces 2013 National Merit Semifinalists and Commended Students


National Merit Scholarship semifinalists and commended students.
TOP: (from left) Dan Meade, Tim Campbell, Matt Leong, Scott Arthur, Stephen Kelly, Will Corvin, Jack Hamner
MIDDLE: Ailey Simpson, Lena Crown, Eric Lee, Mark Bublitz, Jamey Hollis, Austin Bisharat, Mika Matsuno
BOTTOM: Hannah Watry, Jack Moe, Claire Kingston, Sarah Reed-Guy, Natalie Kucirek, Lizzy Kelleher, Cortney Padua
NOT PICTURED: Emily Bang, Luke Johnson, Aristotle Magganas, Kate Pfeiffer, Ryan Sullivan, Cooper Wetherbee, Hannah Weverka

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NMS Semifinalists

Approximately 16,000 students nationwide qualify each year as Semifinalists for the National Merit Scholarship Program. These students achieved the highest scores in their state on the PSAT. Most Semifinalists advance to Finalist standing, becoming eligible for Merit Scholarship awards.

Five PHS seniors have achieved Semifinalist standing:

  • Stephen Kelly
  • Eric Lee
  • Matt Leong
  • Sarah Reed-Guy
  • Cooper Wetherbee


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NMS Commended Students

About 34,000 other students receive Letters of Commendation in recognition of their outstanding academic promise.

24 PHS seniors have been named Commended Students:

  • Scott Arthur
  • Emily Bang
  • Tim Campbell
  • Mark Bublitz
  • Austin Bisharat
  • Sam Colburn
  • Will Corvin
  • Lena Crown
  • Jack Hamner
  • Jamey Hollis
  • Luke Johnson
  • Lizzy Kelleher
  • Claire Kingston
  • Natalie Kucirek
  • Aristotle Magganas
  • Mika Matsuno
  • Dan Meade
  • Jack Moe
  • Cortney Padua
  • Kate Pfeiffer
  • Ailey Simpson
  • Ryan Sullivan
  • Hannah Watry
  • Hannah Weverka