Student Spotlight: Division 1 Bound Trinity Zamora

Axel Saldanha, Micah Temple, Staff Writer, Social Media Editor

Basketball Star and Senior Trinity Zamora has finished her run with the Highlanders, breaking 2,000 points on her career during Piedmont Women’s Basketball’s blowout win over Branson in the NCS (North Coast Section) Division 4 finals.


How many points have you scored in your career?

“I finished NCS 2,007 points,” Basketball Star and Senior Trinity Zamora said.


Did you ever think you would break 2,000 points?

“I never really thought about it. It was never something that we focused on. Like I didn’t even realize when I hit my 1000 point. I kind of prefer to just focus on the game, not worrying about all the accolades and just playing my game,” Zamora said.


Did breaking 2,000 points have a special meaning to you?

“It wasn’t really anything too crazy. I mean, it’s definitely huge. Not many people hit 2000, so it meant a lot to me, but nothing too special,” Zamora said.


How much Basketball do you play daily?

“I would say I’m always in the gym. At home I have a basketball court inside my house so I’m constantly shooting and getting my shot right and during COVID was really when I got into my bag as well like, just having days just going to the gym, going to the park, wherever I could shoot and  I would keep my shots up. I have an older brother so I’m always competing against him. He’s always been a good motivator for me in helping me get better,” Zamora said.


Do you have any idols or players you look up to?

“I would say my brother. He’s definitely been an influence in my life. Just growing up straight off the womb. I’ve always been watching his games and he played for Utah and New Mexico state. So he’s always been a great influence in my life. And as far as pros for women’s, I would have to say Candace Parker is definitely one of my favorites. She’s a dog. And for the NBA, probably LeBron.” Zamora said.


What are you doing next year after you graduate?

“I’ll be attending SDSU San Diego State University next year as well. I’m excited as well. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Love the coaches, love the facilities and just the team as a whole. I want to do my four years and get a degree but I do want to play professional basketball,” Zamora said.