A Letter to the Editor: Joseph Blumberg

Joseph Blumberg

Dear Editor, 

As a Jewish student, I cannot help but express my frustration with our school’s administration. Recently, a brazenly displayed swastika, later deemed as a Jain symbol by administration, was drawn publicly on the school’s premises shortly following the Holocaust survivor’s presentation. Given the context, I think it is likely that this Jain symbol was used to cloak the swastika. Though the intent may have strayed from hatred, its impact remains constant. This incident has left me feeling violated, vulnerable, and utterly disheartened. The inadequate sanctuary provided by the school’s administration in response to this incident only serves to create a distressing environment where bigotry and prejudice are allowed to continue. It is particularly discouraging to observe that our principal, Ms. Goswami, displays a distressing lack of initiative in addressing the situation at hand. Her failure to take prompt action has fostered an atmosphere of entitlement, emboldening those individuals who disseminate hatred. This silence coming from the administration has created a fear among minority groups who are now anxious about becoming future targets of discrimination. 

The existence of hate speech and discrimination within our school is unacceptable and runs counter to the principles of inclusivity and respect that our institution claims to uphold. This lack of action from the administration has left me with an overwhelming sense of disappointment, sentiments that are undoubtedly shared by countless others. 

It is imperative that the school’s administration acknowledges the harm inflicted and that they show they are willing to prevent the recurrence of such hate incidents. This requires holding people accountable for their actions to demonstrate support to those affected by hate speech and discrimination. Furthermore, the administration must adopt an assertive and proactive approach aimed at cultivating an environment that uplifts diversity, equity, and inclusivity. This entails implementing effective policies and transformative programs designed to educate and foster a lasting culture of acceptance. Only through such actions can we create a school community where every student, regardless of their identity, feels secure, validated, and fully embraced. 

I implore the school’s administration to take these steps in addressing and preventing incidents of hate speech as well as discrimination so that incidents like these will not happen again. 



Joseph Blumberg 

PHS sophomore